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another few months down the line.. but htings have changed

Feb. 26th, 2008 | 06:16 am
music: bbc news 24 lol

Ahh yet again i decided to document my petty life .....
I've finally got on track with my diet, thank god! ( and fingers crossed all goes well from here) i am on my 6th day of the atkins diet and have lost 7.5lbs which is really good im so happy.. i know i have lots more to loose but this is a really good start i couldnt be happier...

I really feel that this time its i am gonna go the full nine yards and finally get rid of this excess weight which has taen its toll on me physically and emotionally.

Apart from weight loss, i am also setting up a ebay shop, curves r us which im excited about.. im awaiting my sisters friend paul to complete the lovely logo and then i shall being ordering stock...

Education wise, it's fairly up in the air though i aim to get it sorted by begining of march can not, and will not leave it longer than that.

Love life, is going suprisingly well.. omar and me ar geting on.. ith the occasionaly silly fight but nothing to worry about.. i think he is some what encouraged by the fact i am loosing weight so he may be actually forseeing a future for us, which is what i really want...

I hope in a years time i will have a ring on my finger making it official that we are together and finally engaged i hope so atleast.. though i dont need to hope if i change my ways it will happen.. so here's hoping im not stupid enough to let this slide out of my hands again and again untill there is nothing...

ok is 6:21am god knows why i always write in this at such odd hours... but im tired and need my beauty sleepp



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Apr. 27th, 2006 | 03:39 am

Hey All! i joined this community a while back, and planed to go for a one month liquid diet, but i couldnt get past one day. (terrible i know :() However i am desperate need to loose at least 30kg before july 5th, i know its not far away but i really want to try to do it, i dont mind loosing 20kg even but anything major will make me happy. I am 108kg, which is disgusting its the heaviest i have ever been, and i dont recognise myself at all, i feel so big and i am realising i am, its taken this long for me to realise that in 2 years i have pilled on 38kg which is awfull.. so im in need of a commited fast buddy to reall help me along the way, i really want to give this my all, i bought a urban work out dvd today for days when i just dont have time to exercise out doors....

so anyone out there prepared to go on a liquid diet please add me on msn: xxxmarilynxxx@walla.com and we can encourage eachother on, aswell as share tips and give advice.. thanks and good luck to all of you ! :)

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Day one: Liquid Fast

Feb. 22nd, 2006 | 10:17 pm
mood: accomplished accomplished
music: no music

Well today was the first day of my liquid fast, and it was okay, have to admit i did feel hungry, but i kept trying to keep myslf busy lol.
I really hope ill make it for the full 30 days, but im a little worried, but ill give it my all.

Today i consumed to following:

5 glasses of water
1 no sugar ice tea
1 bowl of tomato soup
1 bowl of clear soup

so lets hope the weight starts dropping off hehe..

nothing else new, oh nadia got a job, which is good, she gets 1,200 pounds a month which is pretty cool, its cash in hand as well which is an advantage.

yup thts it


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cant get any sleep

Feb. 21st, 2006 | 04:14 am
mood: *Yawn* *Yawn*
music: Cold Play-Fix you

I cant sleep, im tired but i just cant sleep. im in such a good mood but in a bad one at the same time, i am so pleased with omar, he has turned out amazingly, where once i thought he was a waste of time, he has proved me wrong, and has been worth the wait, i miss him so much already and he only left on sunday, he shuld b coming back on friday for the weekend, and we are all going to Lara's b'day gathering in the Zap club, Darcy invited us, which is cool, coz its not only lara's B'day but Vusi is coming down from uni for the weekend too, omar is too, and the ZAP is re-openning on friday, playing strickly smooth r'nb. YAY!!!

uhmm my throat hurts, ahh gettin sick again, i wish it was suny here, im sick of the cold and the rain, missing dubai a bit

alright im off to have a cig, and then prolly try sleeep


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i am begining my fast today

Feb. 21st, 2006 | 03:33 am
mood: determined determined
music: The OC- bluest light

Well its been way to long since i have been on a diet, and i have finally got into the frame of mind to be on one.So i am going to do this seriously, i am starting a 30 day liquid diet(fast) and hope to loose a great deal of weight, i hope i will accomplish this, and not back out after a few days, i have done this before but on and off for 2 weeks, which worked, but i didnt loose much.

Im feeling really fat, and i hate it:( so support is much appreciated!! (YOU GUYS HELPS ME )lol

Apart from that, things are doing great, my bf came down on the weekend which was nice, and he bought me pink tims, as a late valentines prezze as he culdnt make it down for valentines. It was well sweet, he wrote on the back of each one a personal msg to me, awwwww, bit soppy but nyways , i liked it !!

studies are good, started a new term, doing philosophy,algebra,and IT.. not too keen on the algebra class, but ill get thru it, atleast i hope too!

not much else happening....................
thts all i spose


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Its been too long

Feb. 5th, 2006 | 02:59 am
mood: cheerful cheerful
music: Beyonce-check on it

It has been a hell long time since i have entered anything on here, over year so yes way too long, i tend to use my msn space for tht, its easier, but for some reason i decided to see if i knew the login details for this and hey, i did so im back on here! :)

God so much has happened, i cant even be bothered to write about it cause it would take forever, but alot of good and bad came out of 2005, but im glad to be starting a new year, i am 21 !! turned 21 on 23rd jan, so im feeling old, dont like it. lol

im still in the uk,plan to be back in dubai by the summer, which is gonna be wicked, me Nadia adi,grace,vusi,rena,dave,ash and matt are all gonna be in dubai ( cross my fingers nothing goes wrong) so should be a lot of fun..

ok i dont know what to write coz i dont know where to start lol, so i guess ill begin with today!

I didnt do much today, i worked for 3 hours, and then me and adi and renzi watched " elizabethtown" which was alright, orlando bloom is a hotty, then we just chatted for hours, quite a dull day, im on my period so its allowed lol.
should be seeing omar tomorrow which will be good ive missed him so much :(

ok nothing else to say im draggin on a bit bout shit!
might enter again if not see u in a year LOL

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Dec. 28th, 2004 | 12:45 am
mood: yet sad yet sad
music: brandy-aphrodisiac

well been a while, seems i always leave this for atleast a good 2-3 weeks before i write anything worth reading, if that!

life is the same, except hmm well im not working, my campaign finished now im just chillin at home looking for another job and waiting to go to the U.K. i cant wait it will be great!! i might even stay there and not come back, the only thing holding me back is omar, but i dunno we will jsut have to see wont we.

my weight, hmm no gain or change, ill get serious in a couple days coz i need to shed a few kg before i go to england so hmmm, i might just become a frequent visitor here soon.

Today has been strange yes very enlightening, i have realised alot, from having a argument with my dad, to one with amira and then one with alex i think today was quite interesting, yet depressing.
Me and alex rnt really talking, thou i cant blame him, he found out i was using his apartment whilst he was on holz, i still cant believe i did it to him, but i can be quite a selfish person, but arent we all??

i have come to realise the people i met here from jan2004 of which i thought or for that matter considered friends have all seem to be immature fakes. i guess the advise maybe 10000 people were giving me was just to a t! cept i didnt listen, well i learnt the hard way. if anything i could change now it be my friends well the ones who betrayed me, i think thts it, im shocked yet at the same time not suprised its a odd feeling really, but what can you say girls will be girls we r confused humans rnt we!?

i have to say though tht i swear not to get involved with anyone without being 100% sure ther person is of reasonable sanity, i mean not saying my other mates were looney but u gotta realise they cant of been normal coz wat they did or what they no normal people do.

a friend of mine started roumours in the uni tht im a lesbo, then made up a particular incident which never occured, after which she told everyone how i used alexs apartment i mean is tht a friend? its worse than a friggin enemy... it all boils down to jealousy,spite,enzy and lack of self confidence. u see i also have some of those traits but i do not stoop tht low, i mean y me, y they gotta bitch bout me. they hate me for no reason thou u culd argue against tht, they may just hate me coz i have things they wish they had, not material things but i guess social, or physical thou im doubting physical unless its me face LOl,

i dunno all i know is me mates b4 were fakes n id like to think i learnt from beign there mate or yet beign there gineau pig for rumours ncie one ay!! lol

i dunno
fuck em all i dont need them, im starting fresh i need a fresh clean page to be opened and a new life to be begun! hopefully tht will begin with a thin sara LOL!

ne ways
thts all

ill carry on with my audrey book!

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been a while

Oct. 10th, 2004 | 01:33 pm
mood: drained drained
music: carpenters: close to you

Its been a while since a wrote anything. quite alot has been going on, fights,accidents and me getting a new job. i started work today!! im working for cupola teleservices, in dic. Its pretty cool and ill gain experience!... me and omar r good we went to al aweer to get my car fixed n i gotta pick it up tomorrow, im real tired these days and ive gained weight, it su i just cannot seem to get on track with it! i guess the time isnt rite, ramadan is coming up, im lookin to get serious then

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I PASSED-------------------------------------

Sep. 13th, 2004 | 05:51 pm
mood: sick sick
music: nothing

YEAH! I PASSED ~~~~~~~~~~
i AM SO happy i passed, i have my driving license now, it so cool now i need a car.
uhh but there are slight issues in that direction but ill wait and see.
as for the siet
hmm im really gettin crap at this
i ate again, today i had a sandwhich im not impressed but i think i might be gettin my period, im also not feeling very well i got a cold off alex!! *bastard*

im gonna start again tomorrow so i am hopping i will get through the day!
i got a call form a telkesales compnay reviewing my CV lets hope they accept it

well thts bout it

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test OH GOD

Sep. 13th, 2004 | 07:47 am
mood: nervous nervous
music: a kon-lonely

oh its 6:45am.. i have my driving test in 45mins and im petrified!! how ever u spell tht..
i have a runny nose and a sore throat and i so wanna puke but cant!!
finally today i begin my fast and if i dont pull thru the day i swear im gonna punish myself!!!
:( uh i feel ruff and damn well look it..
so wanna pass so everyone one pray im goos enuff driver plzz!!!


oh well best be offf got to leave now

Good Luck ! = to myself LOL

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